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Our history


Elfride Häberle, Maximilian's grandmother, is the face and symbol of Grannies Best. As living proof of the origin of our brand, she serves as an authentic brand ambassador. In typical grandmotherly fashion, Elfride began to cook down delicious dishes and sell them to the local community. That humble beginning laid the foundation for Grannies Best.

The Gaststätte Rose in Erdmannshausen, near Ludwigsburg, marks the first production site of Häberles, where history came to life . Here it becomes clear that tradition and many years of expertise go into every product from Grannies Best. The rose was the place of origin of a professional craftsmanship , the link between past and present for our start.

A passionate love of cooking began in 1927 with Elfriede Häberle, a trained chef, which laid the foundation for the creation of the unique recipes. Tradition , continuity and dedication eventually led to Maximilian Reber, a talented young butcher who proudly carries on the enduring values ​​and true craftsmanship.


The Häberle butcher's family business has stood for tradition and exceptional expertise since 1903. The company has repeatedly demonstrated this art and talent. In 2018, the butcher's shop received the "Feinschmeckerpreis" award and in 2019 it was recognized as a top artisan baker and top butcher in Baden-Württemberg.

The butcher's shop is now in its fourth generation and is managed by the young master butcher Maximilian Reber. Thanks to his know-how, we are able to produce sustainably and rely on fresh and seasonal products.

With our production facility we want to produce 100% natural and sustainable dishes in the glass under the Grannies Best brand and let people relive their childhood memories through traditional meals in just a few minutes .

Professional equipment with sharp knives is essential for optimal handling and production. To ensure the best possible meat quality, the knives must be sharp to enable precise and clean cuts. Sharpening knives is an art that is evident in the Häberles company.

A well-sharpened knife is not only a sign of the butcher's expertise, but also of the quality of the equipment he uses. It ensures that the meat is properly prepared and that the best possible quality is achieved. It is therefore crucial that butchers rely on professional equipment with sharp knives in order to do a first-class job.


Sustainable consumption means that we rely on a new awareness . The cooperation with our cattle farmer Vogel from Geißelhardt promises expertise for many decades. It's about respect for animal welfare.

Housing and feeding conditions are decisive for the high quality of meat and fat. It is about high health values ​​​​through omega-3 fatty acids, oil and glutamic acid.

Quality can only go hand in hand with high moral standards. Since 1625, the Vogel family business has been promising its resource-saving production, in which the cattle are almost exclusively guaranteed exercise , fresh air and pasture grass .

This enables only the best taste and real enjoyment

Great importance is also attached to a closed cycle in the production of the animal feed. The grain used as fodder for the animals is grown and harvested on the field.

The animals produce manure, which in turn is used as fertilizer for the next stages of cultivation of maize and grain. This ensures the sustainable use of resources and environmentally friendly production.